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Gulf Coast Live: Adult Literacy / Tourism Update / Dr. Nicholas Dodman

We’ll explore the challenges of teaching adults to read.  We’re joined by the director of the Literacy Council of Bonita Springs.  Also the Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau has kicked off a new digital marketing initiative, we’ll find out more.  And we speak to Dr. Nicholas Dodman of the Tufts Cummings Veterinary School – he’s editor of the bestselling book “Good Old Dog.”

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Amendment 5 and 6

-Amendments 5 and 6 were approved by the state’s voters on Election Day, by more than 60 percent. But the matter isn’t settled. A lawsuit seeking to scuttle the changes wrought by the Amendments is still alive, and backed by prominent state lawmakers.
So what’s next in the fight?
We were joined by:

Deirdre MacNab, President of the League of Women Voters of Florida.

-The new documentary “Restrepo”won the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It chronicles the deployment of U.S. troops stationed in one of the most dangerous outposts in Afghanistan. Acclaimed journalist Sebastian Junger, the best-selling author of “The Perfect Storm,” made the film, working alongside award-winning photojournalist Tim Hetherington.
We were joined by:

Sebastian Junger

“Restrepo” premieres on television tonight at 9pm on the National Geographic Channel.

-It’s a simple concept that has lifted millions around the world out of poverty. Microlending, incredibly small business loans, sometimes in the amount of just $25 have seen success in countries around the world. They put people in Third World countries onto a path of self-sufficiency, particularly women. Microfinance is also playing a role in the rebuilding of Haiti after the devastating earthquake that struck the country in January of this year. But there are continuing challenges for Haiti’s microbanks.
We were joined by:

First Coast attorney Michael Fisher of Haitian Microfinance Incorporated

-He’s known as Mac Truque, a local artist whose huge downtown mural of the “Urban Core” is a familiar sight to people driving or walking through downtown Jacksonville. He started his work on walls early- when he was a child, his father let the budding artist draw on the walls of their house. Now, Mac Truque is a growing force on the First Coast cultural scene, renowned for his unique vision and productivity.
We were joined by:

Mac Truque

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Media Frenzy: Airport Transportation Security

-The recent media frenzy over the Transportation Security Administration’s enhanced procedures has some analysts predicting a travel disaster this Thanksgiving. Some travelers are outraged over full body scans and up-close-and-personal body searches, calling for a boycott of the new procedures.
It had us wondering- will holiday travel this year be the disaster some pundits have predicted?
We were joined by:

Michael Stewart, Director of External Affairs for Jacksonville International Airport

-Well once the turkey is sliced and the leftovers have been put away, the nation traditionally turns its attention to Black Friday. That national day of deals that has shoppers camped out sometimes for days in advance. We were joined by:

Florida Times-Union reporter Kevin Turner

-Well these days, there are smart phone apps for just about everything. It turns out, even donating blood. The Blood Alliance is one of the first community blood banks in the country to introduce a smart phone app with its main aim at younger donors.
We were joined by:

Blood Alliance Public Relations Director Odette Struys

-Journalists in St. Augustine are going underground- to launch a new publication, that is. A new alt-monthly called the Saint Augustine Underground will publish its first issue on November 26th- Black Friday.
We were joined by:

Mark Pettus, editor of the Ponte Vedra Recorder

Cartoonist Ed Hall

Columnist Laura Capitano

Sarah Koffman

-Well here’s an idea for you.. after you’ve eaten all that turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie tomorrow, and you’re looking for a way to work off some of those excess calories this weekend.. you might consider a Run to the Sun! It’s an event supporting Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation and it’s happening this Saturday at Mickler’s Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach.
We were joined by:

Organizer Angi Palmieri

– There are plenty of other options and activities for this holiday season. With a full calendar of events we were joined by :

“Around Town” socialite, Jacksonville Magazine’s Kerry Speckman!

-If you’d like to hear today’s show again, just check out our podcasts at www.wjctondemand.org. Or listen to the replay of this program tonight at 8pm on WJCT Arts.

Mortgage Meltdown

-Linda Langlois was fired from Bank of America’s Jacksonville office last year. She says it is due to her complaining about the way her office was financing applications from customers to refinance their loans.The nation’s financial institutions continue to grapple with the mortgage meltdown and this local bank employee says she’s blowing the whistle on the issue. We were joined by:

Linda Langlois former Bank of America employee.

-It started small, back in 1983- a nonprofit working to respond to alarmingly high rates of teen pregnancy in Jacksonville.Today, the Bridge of Northeast Florida, which works with young people in the city’s most troubled neighborhoods, is celebrating 25 years of success. The have won national recognition for a variety of initiatives such as encouraging teens to make positive choices. We were joined by:

Dr. Davy Parrish, president and CEO of The Bridge of Northeast Florida

Delores Barr Weaver, CEO of the Jaguars Foundation

And Lynn Sherman, Director of Community Health for Baptist Health

-How far is too far on Facebook?
A Connecticut woman who was fired after she posted critical remarks about her boss on Facebook– has prompted a first-of-its-kind legal case that could redefine the limits of free speech in cyberspace.
We were joined by:

Heather Owen, employment attorney and partner with Constangy, Brooks and Smith

-If you’d like to hear today’s show again, just check out our podcasts at www.wjctondemand.org. Or listen to the replay of this program tonight at 8pm on WJCT Arts.

Gulf Coast Live: Teaching American History Grant / Online Autism Certification

The Lee County school district was recently awarded a million dollar federal Teaching American History grant. It will pay for a program called “E Pluribus Unum: One Nation, One People.” The goal is to increase teacher’s knowledge and understanding of American History, so they can better teach their students. We’re joined by the grant director and a high school history teacher: as well as a history professor from FGCU, and someone from the Edison & Ford Winter Estates…both of which will be participating in the program. And Edison State College has developed an online certification program that gives nurses and healthcare providers information about autism. We’ll talk to someone from the college about this innovative program hoping to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorders.

The show will be live at Noon on 90.1 FM
Call in: 1-877-428-8255
Email:  gulfcoastlive@wgcu.org

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On First Coast Connect: Media Roundatble

The election is over but the battle over redistricting is still on; Jacksonville’s review board on police shootings is closed to the public; And Governor Crist says Jim Morrison still lights his fire!

This morning we discussed the top stories of the week with our Friday media roundtable. Joining us this morning:
John Burr, editor of the Jacksonville Business Journal;

Matt Galnor, reporter for the Florida Times-Union;

Joe Wilhelm, who reports for the Financial News and Daily Record;

And Fred Matthews, who writes for the Examiner.Com.

Author and historian Jim Crooks guided us at the creation of UNF.

For our weekend warriors segment, Levi Porter, Marathon Co-Chair of UNF’s Dance Marathon joined us to talk about the UNF Dance Marathon. The event is being held Saturday November 20th at 6pm and running through the night until 11:03 a.m. Sunday morning!

A.G Gancarski from the Folio Weekly also joined us to give us his preview of the Jaguar’s game on sunday.

And finally Jim Breuer joined us to talk about some of the spiritual themes he explores in his new book, called “I’m Not High.” He will be performing this weekend at Jacksonville’s Comedy Zone, and while the audience is guaranteed to get plenty of laughs, there’s more to this funny man with the stoner’s laugh than meets the eye.

If you missed any of today’s show, listen to our podcast at www.wjctondemand.org.

Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend!

Gulf Coast Live: Arts Edition – Saul Cooperman

Southwest Florida author Saul Cooperman tells the story of his 14-year relationship between himself, a older white man from the suburbs and Eddie, an African American child from the inner city. The former New Jersey Commissioner of Education and founder of the 10,000 Mentors Program in Newark shares his tale called “Eddie and Me” at the Jewish Book Fair. Cooperman cites the Hebrew saying, “If you save one life, it’s as if you are saving the world.”

The show will be live at Noon on 90.1 FM
Call in: 1-877-428-8255
Email:  gulfcoastlive@wgcu.org

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