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Intersection: Mel Martinez

Who is Mel Martinez?

Richard Foglesong addresses this question in his latest book, “Immigrant Prince: Mel Martinez and the American Dream.” Foglesong, professor of politics at Rollins College, discusses his book this week on “Intersection.”

Martinez is the United States’ first Cuban-American senator. He emigrated to Central Florida in 1962 as part of Operation Pedro Pan. He served as co-chairman of George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign in Florida and was elected to the Senate in 2004. He resigned four years later and now is JPMorgan Chase’s senior executive in Florida.

Martinez’s story is emblematic of several trends shaping American politics today, Foglesong says. Among them are the rise of immigrants and the on-going appeal of an American Dream story. Foglesong describes Martinez as a bridge builder between Republicans and Democrats. He calls the former senator a pan-Hispanic for his appeal across Hispanic groups.

“He crossed boundaries between the Anglo world and the Hispanic world,” Foglesong says. “There really are two Mels here, one who is identified with the Cuban cause, and the other that seems really Anglo.”

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One Response

  1. Whether it be local or national
    If you have any fame to your name
    Realize that our educational woes aren’t due to teachers and schools
    But that society’s attitude toward public ed. is to blame.
    PLEASE use your influence
    So America’s SURE TO WIN this game.


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