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Florida State College at Jacksonville President Steve Wallce on WJCT’s First Coast Connect

A federal review of financial aid practices at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) has found that more Jacksonville students could be asked to repay their Pell Grants. Today’s Florida Times-Union reports the U.S. Department of Education has asked FSCJ to identify students who may have received aid last year but were actually ineligible to get the money. As students may have to pay back their loans, the college may also be on the hook for nearly $3 million in Pell Grants as well. We discussed the issue with FSCJ president Steve Wallace, and FSCJ board chairman Jim McCollum.

The “Escaping to Destinations South” conference happening at the St. Johns County Convention Center later this month will delve into the history of the Underground Railroad. While we typically think of the railroad flowing North, it turns out that many headed south to Florida. We discussed the conference with Diane Miller and Turkiya L. Lowe, both of the National Park Service, as part of our monthly series on Black Heritage in St. Augustine in partnership with Flagler College.

And we learned about the fascinating history of the so-called “St. Augustine Monster.” In 1896, two boys found a mysterious huge glob on the beaches of Anastasia Island, and it quickly became a national story. Many speculated as to what it might be, with theories ranging from giant octopus to a space alien. Eventually the Smithsonian Institute was called in, and nearly 100 years later the truth was finally revealed. We spoke to the Smithsonian Institute’s Mary Markey about the “St. Augustine Monster” – you can read her article about it here.

If you missed any portion of today’s program, be sure to check out our podcasts at www.wjctondemand.org or listen to the replay of this program tonight at 8 pm on WJCT Arts.

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