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Gulf Coast Live: Long Term Effects for Survivors of Childhood Cancer / Going Green – The Benefit for Businesses

While the incidence of childhood cancer diagnoses has increased over the past 20 years, the survival rate of patients has also increased dramatically according to the National Cancer Institute.  This has prompted health care professionals to work harder to understand the long-term health effects for survivors.  Ahead of the Golisano Children’s Hospital’s first Pediatric After Cancer Experience Conference on Oct. 19, we hear a local survivor’s story as we take a closer look at addressing the special needs of those who’ve beaten childhood cancer.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection hosts its 2nd annual Greening Your Bottom Line Expo & Conference October 16 -17.  We talk with conference speakers and other experts about how businesses from restaurants and hotelliers to manufacturers can adopt more environmentally friendly practices and how ‘going green’ can effect profitability.  We’ll also explore some state and local programs already in place that encourage green innovation in the private sector.

The show will be live at 9AM on 90.1 FM

Call in: 1-877-428-8255
Email: gulfcoastlive@wgcu.org
Click here to go to the show’s page

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